Secrets of the Salon


secrets salon


The Secrets of the Salon[1]


My main character trait… To love well—To hate well

The quality I prefer in a man… Loyalty

The quality I prefer in a woman… Kindness

My favorite quality… Will

My main fault… Excess

My favorite occupation… My work

My dream of happiness… Food and joy for everyone

What would be my greatest unhappiness… To survive the ones I love

What I would like to be… A peasant woman with faith

The country where I would like to live… Where it is always sunny!

My favorite color… Red

My favorite flower… Chrysanthemum

My favorite animal… Dog

My favorite bird… Chaffinch

My favorite authors in prose… Lamennais, Vallès, Zola

My favorite poets… Hugo, Baudelaire

My favorite painters… Il Sodoma, Corot, Renoir, Claude Monet

My favorite composers… Wagner

My heroes in fiction… Don Quixote et those who sacrifice themselves

My heroines in fiction… Those who love

My favorite heroes in real life… The anonymous

My favorite heroines in real life… Mary Magdalene and Joan of Arc

My favorite food and drink… Bread and water

My favorite names… Those of ordinary people

What I hate the most… Cowardice

Historical persons whom I despise the most… X… et Judas!

The military feat I admire the most… The defense of Numantia

The reform I value the most… None

The gift of nature that I would like to have… Persuasion

How I would like to die… Usefully

My present state of mind… Ready

Faults that make me most indulgent… The crimes of poverty

My motto… Credo! (I believe!)


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[1] Revue Illustrée, December 15 1892.


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